Fashion Designing and Creative Entrepreneur | Azy Chyr | CHYR

003 - Design Your Life | Azy Chyr | CHYR

Written on ١٢/١٢/٢٠١٧
Athirah Syamimi

In this episode, I interviewed Azy Chyr from CHYR & Unequal Identity.

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In this podcast, you'll learn about:

1. Who is Azy Chyr, what is she building and how did she become a fashion designer + creative consultant?

2. Challenges starting up.

3. Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

A little about Azy:

Azy was from Singapore but moved to the US with her family when she was about 6 y/o. She has always been interested in the art world but isn't afraid to try out different areas. Currently, she's building her creative consulting business while still being a fashion designer for her Chyr brand.

"Trial and error"
- Azy.    


What's CHYR?

CHYR is a luxury brand founded by Annie Chyr. CHYR wants people to feel as if they are art. Fashion should be a form of escapism to another reality. Be BOLD.

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More about Unequal Identity:

A creative consultancy focusing on creating the brand identity and graphic media to capture attention.

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