Contribute To EntrepWorld

Contribute To EntrepWorld

Written on 04/22/2018
Athirah Syamimi

Thank You For Showing Interest In Inspiring The Aspiring Entrepreneurs

At EntrepWorld, we are looking to spread positivity and bring light to entrepreneurship. We want to inspire people to take charge of their lives; to turn their dreams into a reality. If you wish to submit mediocre posts with no value, it's best that you move to a different website. 

By being our contributor, your submission will be part of EntrepWorld's collaterals. You are giving EntrepWorld the permission to use, share and distribute your submission on our various platforms and social media channels. 

We have no intention to steal and repurpose your work. We believe in the power of content creation and only wish to provide value to our readers. We will do our best to ensure you receive the credits and recognition for your work. 

Let's collaborate and inspire!​

Topics we’re interested in

Startup culture: VC, fundraising, angel investors, innovation, marketing, work culture, work-life balance

Self-help: Tips and tricks to living a better life, guide to freelancing, social media, management

Entrepreneurship: Ups and downs in entrepreneurship, leadership, failures, successes, business tips

Technology: Trending tech news, blockchain tech, cryptocurrency, A.I, VR, SaaS

News: Promising startups, upcoming tech companies

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