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4 Successful Strategies for the Future of Content Marketing

Written on 06/14/2018
Athirah Syamimi

Until a couple of years ago, it was relatively easy to rank on Google: post a substantial number of blogs on your website, promote them through your social media accounts, including millions of inbound links, target a whole bunch of essential keywords – and BAM, that’s it.

Unfortunately, as Gartner’s Hype Cycle predicted, the era of fast and easy content marketing is gone. However, this doesn’t mean we’re facing the end of content marketing; it merely means we need to change the ways we do business:

Less is More

The Internet is drowning in content. According to studies, there was a 300% increase in content compared to last year. The problem with so much material is that it doesn’t change the consumer demand. There is only so much one can read, process and share.

The studies also show that only 5%t of the content generates 90% of overall engagement, which leads to the following conclusion: post less but post well. Five quality posts are more valuable than hundreds of post that have no real value.

The solution is including more evergreen content into your strategy. As opposed to temporal material that only has short-relevance; evergreen content doesn’t lose value over time.

Historical Optimization

Historical optimization is using old content and refreshing it to increase traffic and lead generation. By including this process, you capitalize on the posts’ existing success and authority. The material should be updated regularly to keep it fresh and improve accuracy.

There are many areas you could tweak, but the most useful include: improving the quality of writing, including better internal or external links, changing the images, meta description, and CTA. This way, the content resurfaces as brand new, and it has even more success than it used to before you’ve recycled it.

Better SEO Practice

The fact is that a couple of big companies entirely controls the top distribution channels. We already know we’re at the mercy of their algorithms, and these algorithms are changing continuously. The changes entirely shift the standard function of SEO.  

It is no longer enough to create engaging content and add relevant keywords. Now you need to assert yourself as a real expert on a specific subject to get noticed and ranked on Google. To declare yourself as an expert, you need to create posts around one topic consistently and accurately. The practice of writing anything with lots of keywords present no longer works. The content needs to be relevant, and topic clusters are a must.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is getting big in 2018 and is trending to be even more prominent in the future. In fact, the video is expected to claim more than 80 percent of entire web traffic by 2019. Digital Marketing expert James McQuivey says a single minute of content equals 1.8 million words. Everybody loves videos. Don’t fail to take a slice of the video marketing cake – it’s about to get as delicious as possible.

Content marketing is not dead; it has just changed its form. Keeping up with the trends is crucial for success so make sure you are on the right track on your way to the future.

Athirah Syamimi is the founder and editor of EntrepWorld who happens to be a personal development enthusiast and entrepreneur. Having trouble finding her niche, Athirah reverts to her purpose - to help people turn their dreams into a reality. 

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