EntrepWorld Spotlight: Lester Tan oF JiojioMe

Lester Tan - Building JiojioMe App

Written on 12/02/2017
Athirah Syamimi

Lester is JiojioMe's founder and CEO. He's the visionary in the company who focuses on business expansion from Singapore to Malaysia and Thailand. Before JiojioMe, Lester founded "The Drink Card" - the first and the only mobile application that provides the most up to date chill-out directory with more than 500 outlets in Singapore. 

How did JiojioMe come to life?

With so many apps on the market, what else is there to do? What kind of mobile application can you bring to life?

Lester was inspired to create JiojioMe because he found difficulty in getting good companionship in Singapore. Don't get me wrong; he's not anti-social or bad at making friends. With technology, people are just spending more time online. It is much easier finding friends online rather than in person. 

Plus, the friends you have might not even like the same activities as you. How does one person find friends with similar interest?

Together with his co-founders, Darren Neubronner and Adrian Chia thought of something for like-minded people. Jiojiome - The Hobby App.

What is Jiojiome?

It's a 'hobby app.'

Some things are better done together such as tennis, travelling, night cycling, etc. Jiojiome connects people with similar hobbies so they will never run out of people to enjoy life with.

You can download it now from Google Play and App Store for FREE.

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