Collaborative Work Spaces In Singapore

Written on 11/14/2017

I’ve never been the sort to take my work out to a cafe, mainly because my body doesn’t handle caffeine well (or at all, really), and my lactose sensitivity doesn’t really make it any easier when I’m faced with a cafe’s menu. And honestly with the decreasing age at which kids start to stress about work and school, it just isn’t going to work logistically, for everyone to bring their procrastination (let’s be honest - cafes promote people-watching and daydreaming more than actual work) to cafes. Something not as common is collaborative spaces, spaces meant to drive creativity and productivity. Think tanks - boards, wide, open spaces, lush chairs, pantries etc. We’ve come up with a list of collaborative spaces you can find in Singapore, based on the vibe you might be looking for.




Soft looking sofas, soothing colour schemes, these collaborative spaces ooze Christian Grey vibes.



Prices start at a low $25 a day, which honestly is a steal for its ambience and seat in the heart of Singapore’s CBD. Their website also boasts “insanely fast internet” which is also free.


Where: #08-01, 80 Robinson Road, 068898

Opens daily 9am - 6pm.


The Co

This chain has collaborative spaces all the way to KL, and has two distinct outlets here in Singapore. The first (my personal favorite) is the one at Duxton - leafy greens, cloth sofas, scandinavian furniture. Lots of natural sunlight and open spaces for great ventilation too, might I add. Prices start at $45 a day.


Where: 99 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089543

Opens daily from 9am.


Their second outlet exudes a different vibe altogether - monochrome sophistication in their wall decals, simple (but bright) lights, and the High Street outlet (aptly named) spans 8 levels. Prices also start at $45 a day.


Where: 75 High Street Singapore 179435

Opens daily from 9am.


The Great Room

Much like a gym, they offer membership packages with lotsa benefits, from complimentary breakfast to your own private phone booths. Prices start from $70 a day, the priciest so far, but honestly if you’re one that’s big on ambience, this is the one for you. The warm colour scheme, their very own BAR (come on now), leather seats, everything screams indulgence. But hey, if it helps your productivity I’d say it’s worth it all.


Where: 1 George Street #10-01 Singapore 049145

Opens daily 9am - 6pm.


Almost industrial, bordering between homestyle comfort and office modernity.


The Hive

Nestled in a couple of shophouses, The Hive is marketed as “Asia’s most diverse coworking community” and rightly so - having over 10 outlets from Hong Kong to Bangkok, it is more than just a collaborative space. Their website advertises events they are set to host, they have a lifestyle section with conversations about vinyl collection, travel, and much more. They also have their own instagram!


They have 5 meeting rooms, are surrounded by countless restaurants, and boast ample working spaces for you. Prices start from $30 a day.


Where: 59 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059405

Opens daily 8am - 8pm.

The Refinery

The Refinery works on the basic idea of collaborative spaces and brings more to the plate (ha, another pun) than other collaborative spaces. The Refinery is mostly a restaurant bar and grill, but they offer a common workspace on top of that, where there are a group of professional designers and crafters that could help your vision with a potentially marketable product. It caters more towards entrepreneurs than say, freelancers, but still a cool idea. Right now they are fully rented out, but check back on their site for updates! And you could always drop by for a bite and a curious look-see at their concept.


Where: 115 King George's Avenue #01-02, 208561

Opens mostly 12pm - 11pm, hours differ. Closed on Mondays.



Think wide, empty spaces, ample room for thoughtful pacing and mingling with fellow freelancers/entrepreneurs/workers. Their shophouse has so much sunlight coming in, which I can fully appreciate. From $40 a day, you get a range of benefits like free food and beverages, a customisable workspace, and for more you get a locker, community memberships in forums and social events.


Where: 60 Upper Weld Road, Singapore 207413




Second home, anyone?



Singapore’s first family-friendly collaborative space provides child safe stimulation, while you get your productive juices going. It combines the collaborative space, and Atelier, the adjacent play space for your children. Bright, inviting colours, it’ll be bring your kid to work day every day, from $100 a day, but it’s totally understandable to trust your kid at a relative’s instead of the place next door, then prices start from $50 a day. You could opt for lockers, have your business packages/letters mailed to you there, admission to social events, etc., for an additional price.

Where: #03-01, 442 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238879

Opens daily 9am - 6pm

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While not the typical collaborative space where people just sit and work, K+ Community allows you to mingle amongst like-minded people, join them for workshops or just sit there and soak up the free wifi. It is more of a curatorial space, where people or organisations exhibit their art or pieces for sale or admiration. Exhibitions switch up frequently, so there’s always something new and exciting in their space. They also provide a space for a little retail therapy, offering quaintly designed trinkets and books from local brands. They are very community-centric, with many social events on their calendar. Check back on their website to keep in the loop, or if you’re interested in showcasing your work!


Where: Scotts Square, #03-11/12/13, 6 Scotts Road, 228209

Opens daily 11.30am - 8.30pm.


There are many types of collaborative spaces to choose from in Singapore, each offering different (but along the same lines of) membership schemes and benefits. We’ve focused on the physical space itself as we believe comfort is key, and relaxation allows for more productivity.