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Box Subscription Services in Singapore

Written on 10/26/2017

Subscription boxes...

Not very common in Singapore, but still existing. It caters to lazy people (like me) or people who want to try new things but are afraid of commitment to full-sized products. Most of these subscription boxes in Singapore are startups and can get pretty impressive. Hence, we would like to introduce some that appeal to us!


You get a monthly reading box, and you pick from a curated list of curators, based on themselves as a person, what they read, what they do, etc. Boxes are mostly $59/month. Find out more @


Commonly found on any box subscription services list in Singapore, FITTHREE works around a group of chefs who cook your meals according to your physical needs - vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc. They pride themselves in using non-genetically-modified foods, as well as fresh produce.

This isn’t a monthly subscription, though, since it is ready-to-eat food. Deliveries are weekly, and unfortunately not to your doorstep - they do, however, ship to many convenient locations. Meals start from $12.90. Check them out today @



BEER! For when wine is too expensive (I kid - both can be equally nice, depending on situations, and both can be equally foul tasting). They ship craft beers monthly to you, by 6s, 12s or 24s, starting from $178/month. Grab a beer @


Okay honestly just looking at their site makes me so excited. Lookfantastic offers makeup from indie brands and sephora-type brands (can’t really call them luxury, and they’re not drugstore either, hmm), but since this is a subscription box article, I limit myself to talking about their beauty boxes. Right now they’re having a lookfantastic x bareminerals limited edition beauty box (worth $110!) going for $64.50. They have single beauty boxes that go as low as $27



Boxes for your pup! Dogs get pretty damn excited when you give them just about ANYTHING, and a happy pup makes anyone happy too. When you sign up for a perrobox subscription, they send you a box for your pup, including toys, treats, pupcare and the likes. They also provide FREE DELIVERY. This is too exciting for me. Making your pup the happiest pup in the world starts from as low as $29.90 (completely justified methinks). Make your pup the happiest pup in the world today with

Sunday Scents

They offer a range of perfumes, florals, woods, blah blah. You could buy your favorite perfume there, no mystery to that, but they offer a “surprise me” option, and you could ship yourself sample sized perfumes every month! Some people like to smell the same and be associated to a certain perfume, but I like the sound of smelling different now and then. Prices start from $19.90/month for half a year, and goes up to $23.90/month for one or two months.


Gryphon Tea

Regular tea drinkers are going to find this super useful - have your tea sent to you!! You could choose between two boxes, and your frequency of delivery. Prices start from $28.80/month.

Yankee Candle (Car Fresheners)

A brand that needs no introduction, Yankee Candle now offers subscriptions for your car fresheners, from $99/year (which works out to about $8.25/month). Why they don’t do this for their other products is beyond me, but I guess the car can get filthy.


You could pretty much not leave the house anymore, with this on top of companies like honestbee and redmart (which honestly sounded a lot dirtier than a grocery delivery service at first sound) and food delivery services in Singapore. We only need more services like postmates (american) or gojek (indonesian) where they get you whatever you need from wherever (in their radius), but Uber has that service elsewhere, and I’m just waiting eagerly for them to bring it here.

About Ruolin:

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