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Logan Elliott - Succeed With Passion

Written on 10/11/2017
Athirah Syamimi

Do you believe that you can be successful by going for your passion? A lot of people disagree. Most rely on hustle and hard work without passion. Some may even argue that passion kills your business. So how does Logan Elliott use his hobby to build Highly Flammable Ltd, a fast-growing creative entertainment provider?

Logan Elliott studied biotechnology for 4 years. So, it’s quite a jump into entrepreneurship, but he loves it! Elliott is someone full of energy and passion for entrepreneurship. Thanks to that, he has built multiple businesses: Highly Flammable, Lifetimecreative.Co, Volcano Retreat, and Flammable Entrepreneur.

A little about his businesses

Highly flammable

A unique entertainment provider from Dunedin. They have recently launched in Australia.  You can expect cool entertainers such as stilt walkers, fire performers and living statues. Check them out @ highlyflammable.co.nz


Elliott provides entrepreneurship courses to turn dreams into reality because it's something he enjoys and wants to share it with people He believes entrepreneurship is a way to change the World. You can get started on your journey today @  lifetimecreative.co

Volcano Retreat

Now,  this is a crazily fun business of his. Logan Elliott built Volcano Retreat as a way to change the way people view the world and life. It's a 7 to 9-day life accelerator for entrepreneurs to harness their creativity and focus on growing their business. The retreat is held at various locations such as Bali, Stromboli, etc.

What better way to connect with like-minded individuals than immersing yourself in an entrepreneurial community situated in Stromboli, Italy (May 2018). Check out more @ http://www.volcanoretreats.com/.

To get to where he is today...

There are challenges that he had to overcome and failures he had to go through. But what’s entrepreneurship if not going against the odds thrown at you? According to Elliott, an example of micro shortcomings are the loss of opportunities along the way. Some things will just not work out the way you want them to. However, you must not give up. Keep going.

When he took on the decision to launch Highly Flammable in Wellington in 2012, he faced with the ordeal of running out of money as he had just lost approximately $30,000. It’s an incredibly heartbreaking situation to be in then. Some people would have delayed the launch but not Logan Elliott. He took the risk of launching through bootstrapping.

“You’ve got to realize the pains that you’re solving. The delight you give people through your business”- Logan Elliott.

Knowing that his business is worth every effort and believing in his decision, Logan Elliott keeps pushing. That’s how he grow his businesses!

What are 3 tips Logan Elliott has for youth?

Go to University and get a degree.

It helps to makes things easier for general person. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business degree. In fact, let it be a different degree. It’s a great way to grow, learn about life, live away from home. This helps to build a skillset. Elliott studied Biotechnology for 4 years and still emerge as an entrepreneur.

Surround yourself with the right people

Be around positive and inspiring, hardworking crowd. You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. Look for good mentors. Older people to guide through your journey as they are more experienced.

No age limit on business.

You can start a business as young as you are or as old as you are, even if it’s a side business. Just get something going and learn along the way. Start today.

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