5 Things You Can Start Doing On The Side

5 Things You Can Start Doing On The Side

Written on 09/10/2017
Nade Jospeh

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a motivated employee looking to achieve wealth, you will be familiar with the idea of having multiple income streams. There are many ways you can make this happen without sacrificing your day job. We have come up with 5 ways to earn money aside from your day job!


There are books that can help you here. One of these books is named “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, which is not directly related to real estate. In fact, this book relates to value you can have by owning assets which produce income. By reading this book you can relate it to real estate in some way. It is not always easy to invest in real estate and it is also not always an easy thing to make such investment. Apart from risks and not being easy it can lead to higher profits for you. There are many ways to make investments in the real estate such as

  • Personal rental houses

  • Flip houses

  • Personal vacations rentals

  • Becoming house hacker

  • Buy & rent out apartments complexes

  • Renting out owned duplexes

Investment in real estate is a good way for creating income apart from your main income source. It takes time to build real estate but after you are done with getting or building one, your income starts by just renting out. Once it is rented out you don’t need to do any further things as with the minimal effort, you will be able to get monthly income.


There are many people who dream of writing a book but not all of them succeed in their efforts. People are of the view that it is too difficult to write a book. Some of them don’t have enough knowledge, some have insufficient time and others lack the smarts for writing a book. There could be as many numbers of excuses as they can provide for not writing it. Truth is, anyone can write a book. Several avenues can be taken while writing a book as there is not a specific route. For example;

  • Short topic specific books can be written and published on the Kindle

  • Books can be self-published through personal website & sell it to existing customers

  • You can partner with larger platform & sell your book to audience

  • An audiobook can be recorded and published on the audible


You may be good at accounting, video production, writing, and data entry.  Whatever skill you have you should look for people who can pay you for our work. There are business owners who outsource to part time work and this is the time you can get in and take your place and earn.


While being a freelancer, you can also be a consultant, such as you can turn your knowledge about Infusion soft, Click Funnels or another marketing system to being a full-fledged consultant. Here you can help your CEO to identify existing business opportunities. 


Another good way to add to your daily income is to write a blog. Building your readership takes time, but once you are done you can get through various ways for monetizing your blog.  For a good blogger it is an important thing that;

  • You should focus on quality of writing content

  • You should work hard

  • You should build email list for marketing


We would love to hear about different ways you generate income!

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