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Jose He - Journey From Salesman to Entrepreneur

Written on 08/27/2017
Athirah Syamimi

Entrepreneurship is about creating something even when nobody has done it. Like many others, Jose started out as a salesman and he confused about being a salesman and an entrepreneur. His obsession started when he started to follow Alibaba's founder, Jack Ma. Jose was so obsessed that he even started a blog about him!

Jose is your typical guy who is so new to the entrepreneurship world that he has no clue what "disruption" meant. So, to learn about his journey is refreshing.

In 2015, Jose got into a disagreement with his boss due to the way business is run. He stopped believing in their cause and want to build something for himself. When he left, he didn't really think about the consequences it will bring. As such, he felt the utter pain of selling his dream car, moving out of his condo, losing money. That luxurious life was stripped from him the moment he ventured on his own.


As an entrepreneur, you would probably know that opportunities don't drop from the sky. I went to a short seminar taught by Benny Ong of Startup Academy and he mentioned that opportunities for starting a business will not come to you magically unless you have something to offer. Fortunately, for Jose, that opportunity turned up at McDonald's when his friends shared their interest in making a virtual space for pet owners and businesses. His friends knew what he is capable of and decided to share it with him. Besides, what else is there for him to lose?

That's how his startup, Cuzzey, started - in a fast food chain, McDonald's, filled with the smell of fries and McSpicy.

I really admire the persistence that Jose has and the amount of research he put into. He's your classic example of "when you really want it, you will do anything for it". As a new entrepreneur (who is also jobless) , he has no idea how to start . He didn't even know if Cuzzey was a viable business. So, he researched. After much research, Jose jumped in and never stopped running.

Let me give a little light to what Cuzzey is about

Cuzzey is a one stop platform for pet owners and lovers. You can easily find services for your pets and connect with fellow pet lovers around you using Cuzzey! Their new website is launching soon and I absolutely am dying to see it!

We will link you up as soon as it is available for public. In fact, you can stay up to date with their news here: Cuzzey Facebook and Jose's Facebook Page.

Here are some advice from Jose:

Money is golden

As an entrepreneur, you will be paying yourself. You are your own boss. So, if you budget poorly or the business is losing money, it means you are not going to get your salary. Can you afford that?

You have to be very detailed with where your money is going. How are you spending your time? How can you save money? As an entrepreneur, you must know the strategies you need to place in order to keep your costs low.

Focus is key

That's why Jose started letting go of his other businesses. Distraction keeps him away from working fully on Cuzzey. Jose had 4 businesses and he made that decision sacrifice for Cuzzey. Thanks to that, Cuzzey survived its first year. When you're focused and you don't give up, your startup has a higher chance of survival.

Crazy is okay

If you've researched about people like Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, and Elon Musk can be obsessed and "too passionate" about what they believe in. They're a different kind of extremists. That's what helped them. As an entrepreneur , people are going to reject you and some might even call your idea stupid. Your determination for your idea is what will push you through.   

Follow Jose and Cuzzey through social media!

Cuzzey's Facebook | Cuzzey's Instagram | Cuzzey Website

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