Reagan Goh - Tips From A True Youth Entrepreneur.

Written on 08/15/2017
Athirah Syamimi

 I came across Reagan when he was promoting Nebo’s Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) Singapore in early 2017 as their Vice President. By mid-2017, I read up about him on The New Paper. That’s when I realised he is a pretty big deal in Singapore's entrepreneurship world.

Reagan has always been interested in the entrepreneurship world. Being the youngest app trainer in Singapore, Reagan earned a place in Nanyang Polytechnic’s Business IT course. He has his own business called Appelit at the age of 17! Check out his company profile at www.gohreagan.com

As an enthusiast in this scene, researching about Reagan was a given. Here’s what I knew of him before I met him in person. He’s brilliant, hardworking, entrepreneurial and pretty good looking.

Unlike many people out there who start a company for the sake of starting a company, Reagan has an undying passion for the young entrepreneurs. He even wishes to achieve to be an international speaker for youth.

Reagan started learning about creating apps at 13 with his dad. Through his dad’s company, TraDesk, Reagan conducted corporate training. He even held an app training session at his secondary school. With all that knowledge and skill, Reagan was named Youngest App Trainer by Singapore’s Book of Record on 25th February 2015. You can read more about that in Singapore Records

Reagan started his own IT solution service company, Appelit to encourage tech-dummies (like myself) to build your app/web app and many other services. If you want to create an app to boost your brand, you can head over to his website here. There are different packages you can choose from, but we will discuss that in another article. We will do a review on that soon! Stay tuned for that.

He also has a logo designing service which you can check out!

Everyone has a different driving force, and for this young lad, his motivation is freedom. Like many experienced, matured entrepreneurs, Reagan can see his long-term goals and set up steps to achieve them. His actions aren't impossible, but you do need hard work. That’s extremely impressive in my point of view.

Here are some words of advice from Reagan to aspiring young entrepreneurs.

You may be young, but you can achieve greatness.

Your age can be a factor in how you do things. For example, you might not be able to register your own company due to your age but you might not things that older generations don’t. You can be tech-savvy due to the environment you’re in. Use that to your advantage.

Learn to leverage on others.

Similar to the above example, your age might restrict you to certain things so you should leverage on someone. Reagan founded Appelit 5 years ago when he was too young to register for it. As such, he registered it with his dad. Reagan told me this one quote, “If you don’t have the knowledge or skills, find someone who does.”

Don’t let one terrible event demoralise you forever.

Reagan was a victim of bullying in primary and secondary school. He was kicked out from his position of Vice President if he helped to organise. He had created apps that were not a success. Did those things stop him? No. You have to keep pushing forward and learn from your past. The terrible situation that caused you emotional/physical pain are the events that lead you to be who you are today. And for Reagan, he turned out to be a stronger and more driven person than who he was.

You may follow Reagan and his company through the different social media:

Appelit Facebook Page

Reagan Goh’s LinkedIn

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