Bye Bye Day Job; Hello Freelance

Bye Bye Day Job; Hello Freelance

Written on 07/27/2017

By reading this, I'm sure you probably wish to leave your day job to focus on your own ventures- freelancing full time or starting a business. You are at it for a few months and treating as a side hustle but you feel that you might be ready to scale it. Hence, you need to leave your job in order to put more time and effort into your venture. 

Now you're wondering whether it is the time for you as you don't want to crawl back to your job after a few months. 

That's why we create this little guide of questions for you to ask yourself!

Do you have savings?

Your savings account must be pretty decent, and should be enough to last you six months to a year in case freelancing doesn’t work out. This is important even when your freelancing career starts to take off.

In a freelancer’s work life, it’s normal to have a feast-and-famine cycle. Certain times you will have loads of work, and other times there will be very little or no work at all. Either way, a financial buffer is always a good thing.


Do you have a client base?

When you leave your day job, your income stops. So if you already have clients that pay you for your freelance work and you’re sure you can depend on them, it’s a safe situation to begin freelancing full-time.

If you have a few clients at the start, it will certainly make your first few months of freelancing less stressful.


Are you tired from your job?

You don’t just leave your job because you don’t like it. But if you’re at a point when you’ve lost motivation, stopped being productive and find yourself indifferent to your company’s goals, then you might be better off leaving.

Ask yourself if this feeling has something to do with wanting to start freelancing full-time, and the answer will most probably be a resounding “yes”.

Are you willing to take the risk?


If you feel excited and motivated to make freelancing your full-time career, then it may be what you need to do. You just have to do it.

You know that it can be a risk, but it’s one you’re willing to take.

This is when you know you’re serious about doing something that you love: You have no problem leaving your comfort zone into the uncertainty that waits — in the hopes of making your dreams come true.

Are you experienced enough or still a 'noob'?

As a new freelancer, you face tough competition with others who have been doing this for a long time. You might have a tough time landing clients at first.

One way to stand out is to show that you’re already an expert in your field or niche before you started freelancing. This acquired knowledge will set you apart and give you an edge, even without a full portfolio as a freelancer.


Do you have support?

Freelancing demands a huge amount of your time. Having friends and family that respect and understand the nature of your work is essential to your success. Your personal life should not distract, but rather empower you to achieve your goals.

Being a full-time freelancer is not for everyone, and there is no need to rush when deciding if it’s for you. Take your time to consider the pros and cons. While it’s great to follow your dream, a practical approach can’t hurt.



Most importantly, only do it if it’s your passion — something you can imagine yourself doing for the rest of your professional life.

With all these questions, you will be able to get a better sense of whether you're ready to leave and focus on your freelance or you should stay with your day job and treat freelance as a side gig.

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