3 Websites For Freelancers

3 Websites For Freelancers to Check Out

Written on 01/11/2018
Nade Jospeh

The rise of the freelancing industry is clear. Co-working space and coffee shops are abound with the freelancers who plug on laptops. Office spaces are becoming empty at an increasing rate because workers want more autonomy and flexibility in jobs. Whether you desire to earn extra money, turning your hobby to side jobs or you go to freelancing full time, there are various resources which can help you for earning extra money. Following are 3 freelancing websites you need to check out.


This is a network of freelancers for elite engineers & also for digital designers. Its members are from over hundred countries worldwide.

The screening process weeds out but top three percent of talented individuals, who remain in different categories. This means that after acceptance, you would be joining a community of experts in the field. This website for freelancers will help you to decide whether you want to go work on an hourly basis, full time or part-time.

You can set your rates so you will never get stuck in the bidding war. The best thing for freelancing workers is that this website also has screening features for clients. This website has links with various top notch companies such as IDEO, JP Morgan and AirBnB so freelancers always have steady availability of interesting clients and projects that can appreciate their work. Check out TopTal.


This is a famous website for freelance designers, with a twist. Every job listed here is for designers and is in the form of contest. Clients here do not browse for catalog of resumes and portfolios but they here crowdsource projects of them. They set their budget and give instructions and then let designers submit their work as per project brief. At the end of week, respective clients choose the best designs.

This site is good for designers who want to give a chance to their talents. Here you can shakeup your workflow.   Check out 99 Designs!


It has its membership worldwide. It has more than 420 million subscribers in more than 200 countries in the world. There is no dispute about it being one of the most professional websites. It is the place to learn about anything job-related. It is a recent approach by LinkedIn to start a journey to freelance economy.

This website for freelancers helps freelancing professionals to find their new jobs. There are enormous amounts of users’ data, which allows freelancers to connect quickly to potential clients through the use of Search Engine Optimization. This website is in fact a great choice for professionals and experts in large numbers of fields.  


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