Athirah Syamimi on 04/27/2018

Lex Na - Funding Strategy For Today's Economy

Here's an interview with Lex Na (CEO of Bountie Technologies) regarding the challenges he and his team faced in raising ICO for Bountie. In every startup, getting funding for your business is one of the most crucial and difficult tasks to do. Unless you're a billionaire with millions to throw in your idea, you probably have to look into convincing people to put money into your work. Traditionally, startup founders will pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists to get them to invest huge amounts into their business. Funding can consist of series A, series B, seed round, etc.

  Athirah Syamimi
Chukzees on ٠٧/٢٧/٢٠١٧

Bye Bye Day Job; Hello Freelance

By reading this, I'm sure you probably wish to leave your day job to focus on your own ventures- freelancing full time or starting a business. You are at it for a few months and treating as a side hustle but you feel that you might be ready to scale it. Hence, you need to leave your job in order to put more time and effort into your venture.

C Chukzees