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What It Means To Be A Girl Streamer - Tips For Aspiring Streamers

Written on 06/07/2018
Kimberly Tay

Nowadays, you see a lot of gaming startups popping up and almost everyone is involved in the gaming industry. Gaming became a side hustle to some. If you’re thinking of earning money on the side, you can easily turn to Twitch.tv and start live streaming your gameplay. I’m one of those people.

Ever since I was a kid, games have always surrounded me – stuffed toys, puzzle books, video games, board games. I remember getting my first PlayStation, and I begged my parents to buy me as many games as possible to play with my sister.

Fast forward a few years later, I was introduced to League of Legends (or League as I like to call it). I’ve never liked MOBAs(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), but now it’s like a drug I can’t get enough of. Through League, I’ve been recruited in an all-female team in Singapore called Girlaxy, and Girlaxy gave me the courage to start what I’ve always dreamed of doing – streaming. 

Asian families have a certain stereotype to them. They’d always be portrayed giving pressure to their kids to get a successful job in future. ‘Go to college, get a degree, be a doctor/lawyer/banker’ are just a few things parents would say.

Don’t get me wrong, these stereotypes are TRUE to a certain extent but not to the extreme. It holds true when I was a kid, but now times have changed. Art and creativity is slowly being accepted as a career choice.

When I first wanted to stream, I’ve always been hesitant as I always felt ‘boring’ and pushed the idea aside. Here are a couple of tips for everyone who feels the same way.

Tip number 1: Don't push the idea aside

Don’t push those fears away, you can do it. Be yourself, be natural, let your personality shine through the screen. There will always be people bringing you down but you have to hit back harder.

Streaming day, I only had 2 viewers: my boyfriend then, and myself. Sad isn’t it? Being a Girlaxy girl gave me a head start, but that doesn’t mean anything if the viewers don’t like me. Then again, I started getting problems.

Tip number 2: Stick to your morals

As a girl streamer, being on camera is equivalent to being a celebrity/influencer. I’ve received many weird/offensive comments and messages from random strangers from them offering money in exchange for a request to demanding you be their girlfriend. Stick to your morals when situations like these arise. Protect yourself cause no one is there to protect you. Once it’s on the internet, you can never take it back.

Tip number 3: Be yourself 

Being on camera doesn’t mean you put on a mask, being on camera just means you are in the spotlight. Watch what you say, but don’t change who you are inside. Be that quirky individual that you are, embrace who you are and don’t let other people’s opinions tell you who to be. I’ve always been passionate about streaming and gaming, so naturally, I was who I really am.

Being a girl streamer doesn’t mean I want the attention and be internet famous. It means so much more to me that anyone can imagine

Kimberly is a streamer under the pseudonym ‘Nyx’. A passionate gamer, she recently started streaming on Twitch and hope to empower people to break stereotypes and expectations.

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