Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Hacks

Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Hacks

Written on 05/31/2018
Patrick Rife

... And the people who made them a reality​

The Pixi Cloud

Pixilated recently launched an Equity Crowdfunding campaign on MicroVentures to raise our next round of funding at Pixilated. More ammo to help further our quest to bring The Pixi Cloud, our photo marketing software, to the masses.

As you might have imagined transitioning from a bootstrapped events company to a technology company with a saas model has more than it’s fair share of booby traps and pitfalls to overcome. And, well, that get’s expensive.

But more importantly, we’ve built a cool company over the years and we thought a crowdfunding campaign could be just the right thing to help bring in more growth capital and help us get the word out with some savvy PR moves!

As this is an ongoing campaign our strategies are continuing to unfold but I thought I’d share a few hacks we’ve used to gain early traction on our campaign.

Before we move on, here's a video that I'm really proud of

Friends, Family & Confidants

The first place we headed has been to our immediate network of friends, family and the people who are closest to us. These are the folks you can rely on to share, share and then share that clever campaign launch video you created.

You’re right, our campaign video is pretty damn funny. But nobody is gonna laugh if they don’t see it. Think of this crew as your ace in the hole to get the pump primed. Your home team advantage. Fill them in on the details and them set them to work.

Colleagues & Professionals

If you’re doing anything right at all in your career, whether you’re a journalist or a coder, a CMO or a Nurse you’re excelling at what you do in large part because you’re succeeding with the people you see every day.

Every time you’ve done something thoughtful or helpful to create an opportunity for someone else in the past is a gesture that person is eager to return. We build amazing relationships in our lives at Pixilated. So much so that we know without a doubt that we can reach out to our network and ask them t mobilize on our behalf.

What’s more, the passion and commitment this set of people will bring to telling your story and displaying their support for you can be better than any PR money can buy. When someone believes in you with their whole heart, there’s no better salesperson for the job.


Pixilated is an events company so let’s just be honest here, we donate services to A LOT of events annually in and around the mid-Atlantic region. It’s something we love to do and has been a core part of Pixilated’s POV from the very beginning.

That said, we don’t ask much in return when we do donate our services to events despite conventional wisdom suggesting asking for the kitchen sink. Why? In reality, we realize that organizations we donate to are cash-strapped and likely resource-strapped as well so time arranging our sponsorship benefits could probably be better invested making their event a huge success!

All of this is to say, by building up trust and not taking from those who have little we’ve created a well-spring of support from our partner organizations. They feel invested in Pixilated because we’ve spent years investing in them. When you have relationships built on those beliefs, you have a powerful weapon at your disposal; loyalty.

In Da Thread

Social Media, what is it good for, absolutely nothing….. well, actually Hold Up!

I know, I get it. Doing social media this day in age can get a little dry now and again. Even Instagram is starting to get a little dodgy; le sigh. But as we all know it’s not really about the platform it’s what you do with it. And boy did we do it.

Content is King as long as your content is Aces; otherwise, it’s crickets. We definitely made a smart decision working with our bud Joel Flora to create a kick-ass crowdfunding launch video. Not only does this video help us tell the story of Pixilated and why we’re raising money through equity crowdfunding but it’s funny and pretty endearing too.

And you know what that means? Lots and lots of stuff to talk about in the thread. Nothing gets a social media algorithm vibrating like Engagement with a capital E. If your content is funny or charming or sweet and you make sure to ASK people watching to share their opinions and impressions and….wait for it….you answer them back in the thread you’ll be on your way to Genuine Social Media Engagement!

Sincerity, Pixilated Is At It Again

I don’t know how to say this without being too mushy but we love what we do. We love the company we’ve built and we love the opportunities it brings us every day. For that, we’re incredibly grateful and we do our best to carry that on our sleeves every step of the way.

You see, Pixilated has succeeded because of the people who have lifted us up and supported us along the way. From day one we’ve done our best to build an inclusive, open-minded community where anyone and everyone feels welcome. And when that’s where you keep your intentions focused you’ll win fans and momentum no matter what.

Do you have some tips for promoting a crowdfunding campaign you’d like to share? I’m literally hitting refresh waiting for the thread to fill up. Leave them in the comments or hit me up on Instagram/Twitter (@patrickrife).

Patrick RIfe, Co-Founder & CVO at Pixilated, leads business development, marketing, sales, and scaling strategy, and is deeply involved in crafting company culture and brand. His big ideas prove him to be an inspiring speaker and an imaginative leader.

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