Singaporean Startup, RoundUp, Can Make You Forget Your Analyst.

Singaporean Startup, RoundUp, Can Make You Forget Your Analyst.

Written on 05/24/2018
Athirah Syamimi

Singapore startup RoundUp has developed a cloud-based data analytics and reporting tool -- RoundUp Analytics, designed for brands and marketing agencies that require integrated and consolidated analytics from multiple channels.

These digital and offline data are rounded up and presented on a single dashboard for a holistic view, eliminating the need for multiple tools to handle different types of data. Business owners and marketers can use the reports generated by RoundUp Analytics to gain valuable insights into their target audience’s behaviour and make better business and marketing decision over their brand’s growth.

RoundUp envisions an easy-to-use platform that is innovative and up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends. “This centralization of data in a fragmented environment helps business owners, marketers and analysts to make sense of the infinite troves of complex data and track the ROI from their overall marketing efforts easily,” said RoundUp founder, Jan Wong -- also founder of OpenMindsTM Resources.

RoundUp Analytics works by pulling data from multiple data sources like Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, and eCommerce platforms. These data are cleaned up and merged into a single report that is comprehensive and exhaustive, yet visually pleasing and uncluttered. The learning algorithm and pattern analysis behind RoundUp Analytics’ technology help to predict trends and provide relevant recommendations.

“Through our experience as business owners and marketers, we understand the need for a marketing analytics tool that is data-driven, yet still makes sense to non-analysts,” said RoundUp’s co-founder, Tay Zhi Xiang.

“Data can often be complex and require a specific skill set, not to mention an extensive amount of time, to be unravelled. RoundUp Analytics’ automated reports and intelligent recommendations are effectively here to replace Excel’s pivot tables, and perhaps analysts in the future.” - Tay Zhi Xiang

RoundUp Analytics was launched in April 2018. Plans to include data sources like POS platforms, facial recognition software and sentiments analysis APIs are also in future pipelines.

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