EntrepWorld: One Stop Station For Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Hello! Thanks For Being Here.

Hey, my name is Athirah Syamimi but you can call me Athirah or Ath (for short). EntrepWorld was an idea I've had in my last year of school. A year later, I created the first 'prototype'. After modifying and switching directions, I finalize EntrepWorld's vision. 

EntrepWorld is a hub that inspires people to turn their dreams into a reality. Why? That's what I want to do for myself. I want to make my dream a reality.

Aspire to inspire was a phrase that stuck with me for a long time. I wanted to make an impact in people's lives. 

Being a content creator, I've known that I wanted to build something. To start something that has a greater purpose. 

I knew I wanted to turn dreams into a reality but I didn't know how. I was 20 when I had that aspiration. I had never started a business or led a team of 5 people. I didn't know a lot of things. So, I decided to learn from others.

That's when I started to build EntrepWorld - an online community for aspiring entrepreneurs.

It is a hub filled with content relating to business, entrepreneurship and inspiration. 

Vision: To inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into a reality.

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