Working For Free Before Getting Paid Doing What I Love
Since young, writing is something I’ve been passionate about and did it for fun. And as I learn more about myself, I realise it isn’t writing that I love; it’s creating content in any form. Anchor allowed me to explore audio content and podcasting. Being in Bountie, I was exposed to basic video editing.
What it Takes to Move You from Wantrepreneur to REAL Entrepreneur
Originally posted by Vour Essence. Read the story on Medium.
Collaborative Work Spaces In Singapore
I’ve never been the sort to take my work out to a cafe, mainly because my body doesn’t handle caffeine well (or at all, really), and my lactose sensitivity doesn’t really make it any easier when I’m faced with a cafe’s menu. And honestly with the decreasing age at which kids start to stress about work and school, it just isn’t going to work logistically, for everyone to bring their procrastination (let’s be honest - cafes promote people-watching and daydreaming more than actual work) to cafes. Something not as common is collaborative spaces, spaces meant to drive creativity and productivity. Think tanks - boards, wide, open spaces, lush chairs, pantries etc. We’ve come up with a list of collaborative spaces you can find in Singapore, based on the vibe you might be looking for.

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